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The XPM2 brings a whole new level of functionality to the trading environment. Integration of an Altera® Stratix® V FPGA with either an Intel® Atom™ or Intel® Xeon® opens up a whole new world.

The initial applications supplied with the XPM2 include Port Muxing and Multicast Filtering. Port Muxing allows trading servers to send orders to the exchange with as little as 130ns wire-to-wire latency. Multicast Filtering of exchange feeds allows only the desired multicast channels to reach a given server. This can be used to reduce server data load. This feature can also be used by service providers to provision multiple clients with different entitlements on a single switch/exchange handoff. Multicast Filtering incurs 130ns wire-to-wire latency and zero jitter. A combination of both services provides the fastest and most comprehensive offering in the marketplace.

For customers that want to develop their own applications, a Customer Reference Design is available. The FPGA on the XPM2 can address the exchange handoff in 2ns and the Xeon motherboard can address it with a couple of hundred more.

Port Replicators > XPM2


  • Lowest possible latency for data replication
  • Switch outbound orders to exchange in 130ns
  • Multicast filtering (e.g. to partition/entitle market data)
  • Full mesh configuration capabilities
  • Unicast filtering
  • Ability to combine replication/filtering/muxing in a single platform